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“I wanted to let you know that the author loved your work and said this is the best copyedit she’s ever had!” 

—Laura Dailey, production editor at Girl Friday

“Thank you to Jennifer of Cypress Editing for her tireless work to keep my punctuation on the straight and narrow, and for making sure all bullet holes are accounted for. Without your tireless efforts, this book would not be nearly so polished.”

—S. Hunter Nisbet, author of the Saint Flaherty Series

“You are the best editor I have ever had. Very detailed. I can really tell that you work with authors to deliver the best product possible.” 

—Chantal Kelly, author of The Amalfi Coast: Up Close & Personal

“Jennifer has the makings of the ideal twenty-first-century publishing company; she is a respectful, easy-to-collaborate-with editor who offers some sound manuscript judgment calls. She also has a deft copyediting hand, amazing technological support skills, and incredibly valuable social media marketing savvy. In sum, working with Jennifer on my KDP e-book was a much more pleasurable experience than the one I had when a traditional independent press published a book of mine a few years ago.”

—Wendy Aron, author of How a 52-Year-Old Neurotic Survived 24 Hours without Health Insurance (And You Can, Too!)

“It has been a pleasure working with you. Your insight and expertise cleaned up my manuscripts in a way that makes me comfortable and even proud to soon have perfect strangers read my stories. Additionally, your edits, observations, and opinions actually taught me a great deal. I’m particularly grateful for that.”

—Rafael Silva, author of The Package and The Keys

“It has been so nice working with you. I have truly appreciated your thoughtfulness to the suggestions you have given me for consideration of possible changes and/or clarifications. All of your edits and comments have taught me a lot and helped me to enhance my story.” 

—Lynn Coulibaly, independent author

“Jennifer is a jewel and rock star. A big thank-you for the detailed editing and dissecting with those keen literary eyes of hers.” 

—Prissy Elrod, author of Far Outside the Ordinary and Chasing Ordinary

“I wanted to take a moment to reach out to you and thank you for your ongoing quality work on our projects—my group reports that you are a pleasure to work with and that the quality of your editing is top notch.” 

—Jenny Seifert, editorial department manager at Apex CoVantage

“Working with Jenn was awesome. She was always kind, prompt, and extremely helpful. I’m proud to list her as editor for my novel.” 

—L. Marshall James, author of In Hell and 11:34

“Being a first-time author, I couldn’t have asked for more in the experience I had working with Jenn. After putting my writing on hold for several years, I went through a month-long process to choose an editor to help me through the daunting task of writing a book. By chance I found Jenn and could not have been happier with my choice. From the many rounds of editing to educating me on the different means of distributing the book, Jenn assisted me in all aspects of the book writing process and also was able to help design my website and offer tips on marketing. Her patience for someone like me with no experience was great as she helped me through the six-month journey. I can even credit her for keeping me on track on several occasions, since there were times when I felt like I couldn’t find the time to finish. After finally finishing, I am more than pleased along with my sudden fan-base of the quality book Jenn helped me turn out. I never dreamed I would become a writer, but Jenn has given me the confidence I needed to pursue my passion and I couldn’t imagine working with anyone better on future projects.” 

—JD Holmes, author of “I Like Your Form”: Confessions of a Personal Trainer

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